Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Trust us to hang your lights this year

Putting up Christmas lights should bring cheer, not put a damper on your holiday spirit. Instead of dealing with the stress of hanging lights yourself, get in touch with Outlaw Landscaping today.

We offer Christmas light hanging services to property owners throughout the area. You can trust us to handle everything from installation to takedown. We'll fix or replace lights that go out, too.

Ready to light up your home this holiday season? Contact us today to arrange for professional Christmas light hanging services.

Where do we hang lights?

Where do we hang lights?

At Outlaw Landscaping, there is no home too big or too small for us to light up this holiday season. You can rely on us to hang:

  • Roof lights
  • Ground lights
  • Tree lights and wraps
Concerned about the cost of professional lighting services? Don't be-installation, maintenance and takedown are all included for one low price. Call us at 806-787-5740 to discuss your home with a local holiday lighting pro.